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Bay Area Ridge Trail      $25.00

‘The Official Guide for Hikers, Mountain Bikers & Equestrians’.  On-the-ground trails, paths totaling more than 300 miles around the San Francisco Bay providing access through oak studded grasslands, tranquil forests, dramatic coastlines, majestic views, former Mexican ranchos  and vistas where one can see for miles!  Completely up-dated, each trip/trail is shown on an easy-to-read map and includes:  summary information including distance, accessibility, agency regulations and facilities; complete driving directions to EACH trailhead; comprehensive trail directions plus historical details and glimpses of cultural heritage.

  Bay Area Ridge Trail   $25.00

Keeping a Horse Outdoors      $20.00


Written by Susan McBane this comprehensive guide will answer all your questions on pasture management, the need for shelter and company, fitness and health for the grass-kept horse.  Covers guidelines on feeding and nutrition, ‘clothing’ and exercise.  Valuable aid for both owner’s peace of mind and horse’s wellbeing.


  Keeping a Horse Outdoors   $20.00

Horsing Around in Wisconsin      $22.50

The state’s best stables, barns and trails for lessons and training – or just pleasure riding!  With the state ‘broken’ down into sections, it lists where to go plus tack shops, western stores, glossary and Wisconsin Based horse associations.



  Horsing Around in Wisconsin   $22.50

Alternative Therapies in the Horse      $25.00

Dr. David W. Ramey, DVM, has been in private practice since 1984 and handles all aspects of care, surgery, lameness and medicine.  This publication explores what works and what doesn’t based on scientific evidence to help you evaluate both common and alternative treatments including acupuncture, manual therapy, massage, homeopathy, energy medicine, herbal therapy, laser and light therapy, magnetic therapy and much more!


  Alternative Therapies in the Horse   $25.00

The Trail Hound's Handbook      $20.00

Some horseowners own dogs but one has to remember that a ‘city’ dog is a lot different than the ‘country’ or ‘barn’ dog.  City dogs are used to pavement, moving cars, people, baby strollers.  The Country dog is used to deer, cattle, wild critters and how to keep himself ‘safe’ in a changed environment.  This publication includes chapters on how to keep a dog safe on the trail – why the dog should not chase a momma cow with calf, sniff that ‘rope’ AKA snake on the trail and in general be under the control of the owner.  Some dogs suffer from ‘selective hearing’ coming only when they want to, not when the owner calls ‘em.  (Reason a Trail Bell is useful not only on a trail horse but on a dog too!)  Equipment for the trail dog to pack, trail care, first aid, feed, water and more are covered in this publication with lots of pictures written by Ellen Eastwood!

  The Trail Hound's Handbook   $20.00

101 Ways to a Perfect Equine Partnership      $25.00


Regardless if  you and your horse have been together for a long time or just starting out with a new horse, forging a bond can have great rewards!  Susan McBane is the author of over 40 equestrian books and in her straight forward approach, Susan covers:  Establishing a rapport based on empathy and consistency; Training with precision and fairness; Developing a system of care that offers what your horse really needs; and, Understanding how your horse sees the world.

  101 Ways to a Perfect Equine Partnership   $25.00

Learning To Talk Bear      $24.50

....so bears will listen!!  Written by Roland Cheek this 300 page publication through humor and stories will tell one what NOT to do and what could be done and what you may do around bears!  Including grizzly bears.   Efforts to save grizzly bears in the wilds and programs to save bears included.


  Learning To Talk Bear   $24.50

BOTH Learning To Talk Bear AND Guard Alaska Bear Spray  $55.00
             For information on Repellent, go to Items section of Two Horse

  Learning To Talk Bear AND Bear Spray  $55.00

Trail Trips of Southern California, Books 1 & 2,
A Trail Guide for Equestrians

Written by Sherli Leonard this is a combination of two books into one volume.  Included are desert, rolling hills, canyons, river and mountains trails.  Each trail includes information on camping, staging, requirements, costs, contact information.  Trails include 8 trails in Riverside County, 6 trails in San Bernardino County, 4 trails in San Diego County and one trail each in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  Spiral bound it fits easily into saddle bags for easy carrying.


  Trail Trips of Southern California, Books 1 & 2   $25.00

Trail Trips of Southern California, Book 3,
Yet Another Trail Guide For Riders

Spiral bound written by Sherli Leonard.  All different trails are features in Sherli's second 191 page volume of trails and expands to include not only desert, rolling hills, canyons, river, mountain trails but urban and working ranches too!  Trail features include one trail in Santa Barbara County, 8 different trails in Riverside County, 4 new trails in San Bernardino County, 2 more trails in San Diego County, 3 trails in Los Angeles County plus trails on two working ranches in San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties.


  Trail Trips of Southern California, Book 3   $25.00

BOTH copies, Volume 1 & 2, of Trail Trips of Southern California      $47.50

  Volumes 1 & 2, Trail Trips of Southern California   $47.50

101 Veterinary Tips for Horse Owners      $20.00

Written by Brielle Rosa, DMV, this handy 200 plus page book fits neatly into a first aid kit, tack room shelf, on a trailer door or glove compartment of towing vehicle. In three-parts it includes: Part I -- Working With Your Vet; Monitoring Vital Signs; Body Condition & Feeding Considerations; Pasture Issues; Routine Healthy Care; Restraint; Transportation; First Aid; Herd Health. Part II -- Colic, Lacerations, Choke, Lameness & Foot Care; Ophthalmology; Dermatology; Heaves and Miscellaneous. Part III -- Giving Injections; Giving Mediations; Vet Procedures Explained; Caution Tips. It answers all the basic questions a horseowner may have and should be the 'one' found in every barn!

  101 Veterinary Tips for Horse Owners   $20.00

The Complete Trail Horse      $22.50

Dan Aadland, horseman and packtripper, shares his expertise and experience beginning with advice on selecting a good trail mount, equipment, techniques, strategies for training both saddle horse and pack horse to cover demanding and often dangerously steep inclines, descents, narrow ledges and other terrain in a safe and efficient manner. 282 pages of information for buying (or breeding) that complete trail horse.


  The Complete Trail Horse   $22.50

Riding The Crest - Not A Walk In The Park     $29.95

The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trails is commonly referred to as the PCT. It is the longest, maintained, continuous trail in the world! It's 2,656 miles goes through three states -- Washington, Oregon, California -- beginning at the Canadian border and ending at the Mexican border. Janice Raddatz documented her 6-month epic journey in 300 pages while crossing some of the most spectacular mountain ranges and rugged terrain in the world.

  Riding The Crest   $29.95

Saddle Up, New Mexico!     $30.00

The Statewide Horse Trails & Travel Guide written by John & Nina Cuonaiuto-Cloyed. Within its 267 pages are 82 trails representing some of the best riding in New Mexico! Maps, distances, elevations, trail difficulty rating system, best season to ride, water availability, wilderness areas, getting you and your horse in shape and other topics are covered in detail. Glossy, color pictures makes one feel like saddling up and heading out -- now!

  Saddle Up, New Mexico!   $30.00

Saddle Up, Colorado!     $30.00

Sherry & Scott Snead have put together this 300 plus page Statewide Equestrian Trail & Travel Guide. 100 scenic equestrian trail rides across the state can be found within its pages along with 81 color maps. Breaking the state down into regions -- Denver & Colorado Springs; Central; North-Central; Northwest; West-Central; Southwest; South-Central and Eastern Plains -- makes it easy to find trails complete with descriptions, elevations and much more!

  Saddle Up, Colorado!   $30.00

Tennessee Trail Guide     $10.00

This little 40 page booklet breaks the state into three sections -- west, middle and east. Each trail has location, contact information, availability using color keys for private trails, private stables, overnight stabling, B&B with stabling, cabins, primitive campsites, electrical hookups, restrooms, showers in City, State parks plus National and State Parks and Forests. Even Wagon Trails are shown!

  Tennessee Trail Guide   $10.00

Horse Trails of Florida     $25.00

Kathy Wright has put together a unique book for exploring Florida's horse trails.  An experienced trail rider, Kathy covers where to go, how to get there, where to park, where to stay and where the trailheads are!  More than 100 trails are features with 108 maps.  Each trail includes Trail Descriptions, Points of Interest, Accommodations and Directions. 


  Horse Trails of Florida   $25.00

More Oregon Trails and Horse Camps     $24.95

Over 600 miles of trails to explore on horseback in this second book by Kim McCarrel. Included in the 19 sections -- Bullards Beach State Park, Camp Wilkerson, EE Wilson Wildlife Area, Fort Stevens State Park, Fourmile Lake Campground, Knebel Springs Campground, La Grande Area, Lily Glen Equestrian Park, McDonald Forest, Moss Springs Campground, N. Fork Catherine Creek Trailhead, Riley Horse Camp, Sandy River Delta, Silver Creek Marsh Campground, Slide Horse Camp, Stagecoach Horse Camp, Two Pan Trailhead, Wild Mare Horse Camp, Willow Prairie Horse Camp -- are individual trails with trailheads, length, elevations, difficulty, facilities and more!

  More Oregon Trails and Horse Camps   $24.95

Herdmates to Heartmates, The Art of Bonding With a New Horse     $20.00


Written by Bonnie Ebsen Jackson, this 100 page book will help one discover the wants and needs of a new horse by examining his prey animal fears and concerns and help one build a solid relationship with your equine partner.



  Herdmates to Heartmates      $20.00

Horse Camping     $27.50

Originally released in 1981 and again in 1992, George Hatley's common sense manual is considered a classic. He covers trip planning, horses, tack, gear, food and other aspects of preparation. He discusses horse hauling and packing for a journey and provides information about setting out on the trail, establishing a site and life in camp.


  Horse Camping   $27.50

US Cavalry Horse     $20.00

US CavalryFirst published in 1895 as a handbook of instructions for teaching, this book provides a wealth of information on horses in general.  Chapters in the 407 pages include:  Framework of the Horse:  Mechanically Considered; Gaits of the Horse; Bits; Bitting & Training; Saddles; Endurance of Horses;  Ages of Horses and Veterinary Supplies & Prescriptions plus Diseases & Injuries.  Vets weren't always available to the marching Cavalry unit so the Cavalry rider had to use what was available and what he could carry to care for his horse from shoes and feed to a multi-use saddle blanket to use as a bed for the rider.  The Cavalry's effectiveness was determined by the dependability of their horses!  An interesting book not only from a historical standpoint but from just common sense for the caring of a horse!!  (Be sure to read the part about transporting horses around the world via ships and the numbers utilized by the Cavalry not only in the US but other countries.)

  US Cavalry Horse   $20.00

Stable Sergeant's Manual     $20.00

Originally printed in 1917, this Manual covers about everything about a horse that is required to know!  The US Cavalry solider had to carry what was needed for the horse and himself, on the horse when marching and in the field.  No ground or pit crews to help care for a horse.  What was required from equine medications (natural) to his own clothing, rifle and sidearm, bullets, horseshoes and nails, equipment had to be available at a moment’s notice.  The army saddle doubled as a pillow.  His horse’s blanket as the soldier's own blanket to keep warm at night.  And NO cell phones to call the nearest vet!  Each solider took care of his own individual mount and the soldier's very life could depend on how well he took care of his horse!!  241 pages with lots of drawings, illustrations.

  Stable Sergeant's Manual   $20.00

BOTH The US Cavalry Hoarse AND Stable Sergeant's Manual      $37.50

  US Cavalry Horse AND Stable Sergeant's Manual   $37.50

Survival     $20.00

SurvivalNo one likes to think about getting lost when riding (hiking, biking, skiing) but it can happen!  And knowing what to do can help with rescue and your own ability to stay safe!  It's the old Scout motto -- 'Be Prepared'.  Officially known as FM21-76, this manual covers everything you might want to know when you're lost -- and most importantly, how to get found or survive while searchers are looking for you.  Eatable plants, building shelters, finding water, orientation, building fires (from nothing), cold or hot weathers and more are included in 285 pages.


  Survival   $20.00

How To Use Leg Wraps, Bandages and Boots     $20.00

Nothing is more frustrating that having a horse with a leg wound and after the vet's gone, standing there looking at the wrap job he's done knowing that in the next day or two that wrap or bandage will have to come off and you'll have to wrap it yourself!  On your own!!  Without the vet instructing.  Where to start Which way does the wrap go?  What are clips?  Sheets (don't they go on a bed)?  This book written by Sue A. Allen will answer those questions with plenty of instruction AND pictures.  The six chapters cover  everything one needs to know in order to wrap a leg effectively.  Beginning with "Keeping Your Horse's  Legs Sound' to the various types of wraps - Polo, Track, Standing -  to boots - types, choosing the right size, alternatives to bandaging - and "Leg Injuries that Require Bandaging' are covered in 94 pages.

  How To Use Leg Wraps, Bandages and Boots   $20.00

Oregon Trails and Horse Camps     $27.50

A Kim McCarrel  trail book featuring 25 horse camps and parks, 68 trails to explore totaling over 800 miles of equestrian riding!   Featuring the Oregon Coast, Coast Range, Willamette Valley, Southern Oregon, Cascade Mountains, Ochoco Mountains and Steens Mountain, each site includes directions and maps for horse camps and parks, descriptions of facilities, terrain and scenery, elevations, trails rated by difficulty, a detailed map for EACH trail and over 150 photographs in its 279  pages!!

  Oregon Trails and Horse Camps   $27.50

Amazing Horse Facts and Trivia     $25.00


Not only a reference book written in a lighthearted, eclectic design by Gary Mullen the 192 pages contain enough facts, knowledge to amaze even the most experienced horseowner!!  Got a question, find the answer in this book.  A great gift, an addition to the home library or a book on the barn shelf for folks to sit around and thumb through.

  Amazing Horse Facts and Trivia   $25.00

Backcountry Basics     $23.95


Your guide to solving common problems on the trail by Mike Kinsey with Jennifer Denison.  210 pages of "common sense' problem solving from crossing bridges, water, rough country riding to just owning a quiet horse to sit on and view the country around you!


  Backcountry Basics   $23.95

Ride, Ride, Ride...A Washington and Oregon Trail-Guide Book    $26.95

192 pages written by Josie Rusho includes 20 horse camp areas, easy to follow directions, unique places, camp grub, maps and more in woods, deserts and historical places.  Areas in Washington include Danville/Georgetown Equestrian Park, Odessa (Ranch House Horse camp), Naneum Ridge State Forest, Potholes Recreation Area, Mount Adams, Cody Camp,  Crab Creek Wildlife Area, Coal Mines Trail, Teanaway, Jungle/Rye Creek Loop.  Oregon areas cover Crater Lake, Crater lake Horse Camp, Crescent Lake (Whitefish Horse Camp), The Outback, Silver Creek Marsh and Antler Trailhead Horse Camps, Meacham Emigrant Springs Horse Camp, Three Sisters, Todd Horse Camp, Eagle Cap, Wallowa Mountains and Joaquin Miller Horse Camp.

  Ride, Ride, Ride...A Washington and Oregon
  Trail-Guide Book   $26.95

Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care     $24.95


Author Lisa Ross-Williams wrote this publications as a means to "keeping your horse as best suits his mind, body and soul".  An all-inclusive 199 page guide with easy-to-implement "natural' suggestions it's chapters begin with A Natural Way of Living to Equine Nutrition and Feeding moving into Equine Health, Natural Hoof Care, Natural Horsemanship, Myths and Facts ending with Questions and Answers and Final Words.

  Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care   $24.95

Better Than Bombproof    $29.95


New ways to make your horse into a solid citizen and keep you safe on the ground, in the arena and on the trail.  The second book in series by Sgt. Rick Pelicano, Maryland National Park Police.  More techniques, more tips with a section on "Bombproofing for Kids'.


  Better Than Bombproof   $29.95

Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals    $20.00

Written by Allen & Linda Anderson.   If you've lost a pet, friend, companion, buddy, trail partner this is a book one should read.  It's supportive.  Reflective.  Compassionate.   It can be the Rainbow Bridge to understanding.  (A comment from Bonnie -- When I had to put my dog down, I heard "she was only a dog".  And even though it's been 15 years since I made the decision to release Sig from the pain and suffering of Cushings Disease and sat with him as the vet gave him the shot that sent his spirit to greener pastures, I still feel that lose. Mourning a 4-legged friend's departure is real.  We should express grief to bring closure in this life.  To honor memories.  And alway remember that the spirit now gone will be waiting for us where we'll be reunited to roam green fields, ride shadowed trails and once again feel whole ......)

  Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals   $20.00

Get Out of the Ring - An Equestrian's Guide to Riding the Trails in and Around Rocky Mountain National Park     $25.00

Kim Starling has written the first equestrian trail guide for finding trails in the Rocky Mountain National Park. She broke the book into sections --Trails in RMNP, East of the Continental Divide; Trails in RMNP, West of the Continental Divide; Trails South and East of RMNP and Trails North and East of RMNP -- totaling over 45 trails. Designed for riders of all levels it includes trails description, levels of difficulty, trail heads and road description, maps, places to stay with your horse and much more. "Quit going in circles", Kim says, "trail ride!

  Get Out of the Ring    $25.00

101 Ranch Horse Tips      $20.00


Patrick Hooker, a highly respected rancher and horse trainer, has 101 tips and pictures on over 225 pages which will help one start a young horse or improve an older one. Chapters include 'Obstacle Course', 'Basic Round Pen' (including how to train for backing in a circle), 'The Gate', 'Hobbles and a Feedbag' and more.


  101 Ranch Horse Tips    $20.00

Trail Construction & Maintenance Notebook      $20.00


Trail riders not only enjoy trails but have an obligation to get off and help with trail work, construction and maintenance. This Forest Service notebook with help with all those chores and answer questions such as 'Trail Planning', 'Surface Water Control', 'Trail Design', 'Trail Foundations', 'Tread' and more including the best tools to use for what task!


  Trail Construction & Maintenance Notebook    $20.00

Equestrian Design Guidebook for Trails, Trailheads and Campgrounds       $25.00

This is a must-have book for clubs, associations, groups or individuals working on design, development and just 'keeping' trails, trailheads and camps open for equestrian uses! Completed in 2007 this National Forest Service edition includes the LATEST nuts and bolts on how to do it, planning and keeping things open. Chapters include 'Understanding Horses and Mules', 'Planning', Designs', 'Trail Etiquette', 'Crossings and Bridges', 'Horse-Friendly Surface Materials', 'Roads and Parking areas', 'Designing Camp and Picnic Units' (including ADA facilities with ramps, mounting blocks, etc.) and much more. Over 300 pages.

  Equestrian Design Guidebook for Trails, Trailheads
  and Campgrounds    $25.00

Pacific Northwest Trail Guide      $38.95


Written by Rene Ogan this publication is printed on glossy paper with color photographs and weighs over a pound with 450 trail descriptions in Washington, Montana, Oregon, 'wyoming and Idaho. Table of contents covers six pages! Each trail description includes a Rating (Easy, Moderate, Challenging), Miles, Elevation, Users, Trailhead, Access, Nearest Town, photo and more. Rene put a lot of work and saddle time in for this book. Total pages, over 500.

  Pacific Northwest Trail Guide    $38.95

Central Sierra Nevada Horse Trails     $25.00


Sherry Antill & Ann Bates have written the first trail guide for riding the Central Sierra Nevada trails! And they've done an awesome job. There's trails for Yosemite, Fish Camp, Bass Lake, Peckinpah Mountain and even a section on winter rides. Maps, pictures riding times, trail types, best season to ride, elevations, terrain, difficulty, facilities, water, camping, staging areas included. Over a hundred pages.

   Central Sierra Nevada Horse Trails      $25.00

Central Sierra Nevada Horse Trails, Volume II     $25.00


Sherry Antill & Ann Bates head back up into the Central Sierra Mountains to cover more trails!  More trails in Yosemite (13), Fish Camp (5), Beasore Road/Scenic Byway (3), a Bass Lake ride and some Winter Rides -- San Joaquin River Gorge, 2 trails.  Chuck full of color and black and white pictures plus contact lists, Trail Savvy and What If You Don't Have Your Own Horse....219 pages total!


   Central Sierra Nevada Horse Trails, Vol. II      $25.00

BOTH Central Sierra Nevada Horse Trails, Volume I & II     $47.50

   Central Sierra Nevada Horse Trails, Vol. I & II      $47.50

Horses, Hitches and Rocky Trails      $20.00


Written by Joe Black, this book is often referred to as 'the packer's bible'.  It is a complete and often humorous presentation on how to pack horses into the wilderness.  Great drawings!!



   Horses, Hitches and Rocky Trails      $20.00

A Trail Guide to the Maah Daah Hey Trail, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and the Dakota Prarie Grasslands      $22.50


The North Dakota badlands offer hundreds of miles of trails to ride and explore.  This little guide book includes General Location, Trip Highlights (comments regarding wildlife watching, outstanding vistas or if ideal for seekers of solitude), Distance in miles for each trail, maps and more. 


   A Trail Guide to the Maah Daah Hey Trail, Theodore
   Roosevelt National Park, and the Dakota Prairie Grasslands      $22.50

101 Trail Riding Tips      $20.00  


Over 150 pages in this little guide by Dan Aadland includes sections with plenty of pictures and text covering Safety, Selecting Your Horse, Training the Trail Horse, Equipment for the Trail Horse, Coping with Spooks, Backcountry Riding, Carrying Your Gear, Finding Your Way and more.


   101 Trail Riding Trips      $20.00

The Back Country Horseman's Guide (Utah)      $26.95  

Over 80% of Utah is public land according to author Bruce Kartchner.  50 trails are featured in the 175 pages plus another 55 trails from Ogden to St. George.  Seven Appendix include Topographical Maps & Map Numbers, Veterinarians, County Sheriff's Offices, Feed and Tack Stores, Public Land Agencies, Hospital and Medical Centers, Using Horses on Utah Public Lands.  Each trail includes topo map, name of trail head, trail and number, managing agency, connecting trails, directions and road conditions, trail descriptions and much more.

   The Back Country Horseman's Guide (Utah)      $26.95

Marin County Equestrian Trail Guide      $29.00  

Published by Sandy Greenblat and Marin Horse Council this spiral bound book includes detailed maps and descriptions of all of Marin County's Parks & Open Space.  Plus a Trail Guide Master Map, Stables and Lodging, trails in Point Reyes National Seashore, Golden Gate National Recreational Area, Marin Headlands, California State Parks Overview, Mt. Tamalpais State Park Suggested Rides, Marin Municipal Water District and more.


   Marin County Equestrian Trail Guide      $29.00

Trail Busters    $26.95


A trail guide to Oregon & Washington's most scenic backcountry. This is Josie Rusho's fourth and newest book about trails in Oregon and Washington. As Josie says: "an array of pictures, stories, thorough indexes to trails by number and again by name and a few sketches. As always I put in trail hints and camp grub ideas. There is a list of maps, Forest Service information and I rated the trails. Then as always, I rode them." Over 325 pages!

   Trail Busters    $26.95

Riding Central Oregon Horse Trails      $25.95

Kim McCarrel has included over 90 trails to explore in the Bend, Black Butte, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Northern and Southern Three Sisters, Southern Cascade Lakes, Diamond Peak, Newberry Volcano, Crooked River Grasslands and Western Ochocos areas in her 225 page book. Trail information includes location, length, elevation, difficulty, best time of seasons to ride, permits and facilities. Kim has even included a section on "Favorite Rides' which shows which trails are best to ride for mountain views, wild flowers, waterfalls, lakes and rivers, easy and winter rides!

  Riding Central Oregon Horse Trails    $25.95

On the Back of My Mule      $21.50


12 trail rides in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico are included in Pat Dugger's 145 plus page book. Written in a narrative style, each ride is information and reflects Pat's trail adventures.



  On the Back of My Mule   $21.50

Horse Trails in Iowa      $24.95


Containing over 90 trail riding destinations. Elizabeth Koppes' spiral bound book has broken the trails down into Eastern, Central and Western Regions. It is well illustrated and includes information not only on trails -- directions, contacts, terrain, services, time open for riding, length, etc. -- but also equestrian camping information!

  Horse Trails in Iowa      $24.95

Trail Training for the Horse & Rider      $24.95

Judi Daly has revised her original book into an expanded edition which includes lots of photos, tips and common sense. Composed of two sections -- Riding on the Trail and Training the Trail Horse -- chapters are directed to specfic subjects. Riding on the Trail includes Riding Alone & in Groups, Riding in Summer, Riding in Cold Weather, Handling Trail Emergencies and more. Training the Trail Horse not only includes Starting the Young Trail Horse but Retraining the Runaway, the Balky or Barn Sour Horse, the Horse that Prances or Rears and the Horse that Bucks or Spooks.

  Trail Training for the Horse & Rider    $24.95

Trail Riding - Train, Prepare, Pack Up & Hit the Trail      $30.00

Author Rhonda Hart Poe has included a lot of knowledge and experience in this 300 pages plus book which begins with Getting Ready to Ride (Matching Horse & Rider, Evaluate Your Horse, etc.) and includes chapters on Trail Traits, Trail Tack & Gear, Conditioning, Trail Training and on through Trail Rider's Survival Guide.  The Appendix includes the 50 Best Trails in North America, 50+ Top Outfitters & Organized Trail Rides, Resources, Emergency Information Sheet and more.

  Trail Riding    $30.00

Taking Up Riding as an Adult      $29.95

Regardless if you once rode and have gotten away from it for a number of years or just beginning to ride, this book covers it all!! Diana Delmar has covered all aspects of taking up riding from costs, to types of horses, what to consider with physical conditions such as arthritis, exercises, buying that first horse to meet 'older' body needs, selecting a barn and boarding right down to 'Caloric Expenditure' when grooming, saddling, riding. Lots of pictures and all written with the theme that attitude is more important than one's age level!

  Taking Up Riding as an Adult    $29.95

Horse Trails of 'Colorful' Colorado     $26.50
Northern Colorado (Larimer, Weld & Yuma Counties)

20 plus trails with plenty of pictures and information. One can almost ride the trail by following the pictures in this glossy 200 plus page guide written by Janet M. St. Jacques.

  Horse Trails of 'Colorful' Colorado    $26.50

Horse Trails of 'Colorful' Colorado, Book 2     $29.95
Central Colorado (Adams, Boulder, Douglas & Jefferson Counties)

Janet M. St. Jacques' second book features 28 trails with color pictures and plenty of text! Like in her first book each trail is well documented with information on fees, elevation, trailer parking, facilities, trail length and users.


  Horse Trails of 'Colorful' Colorado, Book 2    $29.95

Horse Trails of 'Colorful' Colorado, Book 3     $29.95
Contains trails from Boulder & Lorimer Counties


22 trails are featured in Janet St. Jacques' third book!!  Full color pictures, lots of information.  Janet incorporated trails from Rocky Mountain National Park as well as trails within the Roosevelt National Forest.  These trails are a little more challenging to ride so additional pictures and text was added along with some flatland trails for easier and adventuresome rides.


  Horse Trails of 'Colorful' Colorado, Book 3    $29.95

Any TWO Horse Trails of 'Colorful' Colorado books (Book 1 or Book 2 or Book 3)     $55.00

  ANY TWO Horse Trails of 'Colorful' Colorado Books    $55.00

All THREE Horse Trails of 'Colorful' Colorado books (Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3)     $85.00

  All THREE Horse Trails of 'Colorful' Colorado Books    $85.00

Horse Trails of Arizona: Mountain Trails & Camps    $27.50

Trails and horsecamps located in all Arizona National Forests by Ranger Districts -- Apache-Sitgreaves, Coconico, Coronado, Kaibab, Prescott, Tonto. Each trail listed has information on total distance, location, trail type, difficulty, elevations, trail head locations, best months to ride and more. Horse Camp information includes facilities, fees, directions, trails to use, best of time of year to go, road conditions into horse camp.


  Horse Trails of Arizona: Mountain Trails & Camps   $27.50

Happy Trails: Your Complete Guide to Fun & Safe Trail Riding    $29.95

Les Sellnow, author and trainer who has developed many outstanding trail horses, has taken the subject of trail riding and developed this comprehensive guide which explains what type of horse is best suited for trails, how to condition your horse for trail riding, what to expect on the trail and how to deal safely with hazards and the unexpected. Les has crammed a ton of information, knowledge and experience into 260 plus pages along with pictures and good, down to earth common sense!

  Happy Trails: Your Complete Guide to
  Fun & Safe Trail Riding      $29.95

Problem Solving (Vol. 1)    $20.00

Western Horseman publication written by Marty Marten, this 247 page publication helps in preventing and solving common horse problems. Some of the topics covered are 'Hard to Catch', 'Barn Sour', 'Spooking', 'Crossing Water and Bridges' and more.

  Problem Solving (Vol. 1)   $20.00

Problem Solving (Vol. 2)    $20.00

A continuation of Marty Marten's Western Horseman publications this 231 pages includes more help for preventing and solving common horse problems. This book covers a different set of topics including 'Cinchy and Difficulty-to-Saddle Horses', 'Head-Shy, Ear-Shy Hard-to-Bridle Horses', 'Trail Riding Problems and Distractions' plus more.

  Problem Solving (Vol. 2)    $20.00

BOTH Problem Solving publications by Marty Marten   $38.00

  BOTH Problem Solving publications   $38.00

The Tahoe Rim Trail    $24.50

A Complete Guide for Hikers, Mountain Bikers & Equestrians. Endorsed by the Tahoe Rim Trail Association, this 252 page book was written by Tahoe resident and guide Tim Hauserman. Eight manageable sections of the trail are presented in details with clear maps including elevations, mileage, weather, wildlife, etc. Chapter is dedicated to horses on the trail and includes where to park trailers, places to horse camp, etc. with detailed descriptions of all. There are also a number of side trips to choose from along the trail or in the surrounding area

  The Tahoe Rim Trail   $24.50

ITRA Trail Guide    $12.50


The Indiana Trail Riders Association put this 60 page book together which includes over 40 trails and horsecamps in Indiana. Each site includes a map, description on how to get there, what's available. They even included a Vendor List for Trail Permits! 



  ITRA Trail Guide   $12.50

Horse Owner's Field Guide to Toxic Plants     $25.00

Horsewoman Sandra Burger researched and compiled information on more than 100 common but toxic plants that grow in backyards, pastures and along trails. Dr. A.P. Knight, a leading expert on horse poisonings, has lent his advise on how to recognize symptoms of poisonings and what steps you or your veterinarian should take if one suspects a horse has eaten a toxic plant. Plants are listed as: Trees; Bushes, Shrubs & Vines; Ferns & Palms; Weeds & Wildflowers; Grasses & Horsetails. Each plant has a full color photo plus close up photo of leaves or flower, description of plant, geographic distribution, signs of poisoning and what to do.

  Horse Owner's Field Guide to Toxic Plants   $25.00

Western Horseman Helpful Hints for Horsemen     $20.00 

Including a couple tips and photos from Bonnie Davis, hundreds of 'Here's Hows' published in Western Horseman magazines are conveniently compiled in this handy book. Illustrated with photos or line drawings, the helpful hints offer solutions to common problems all horsemen share. Tips cover every facet of life with horses -- health care, tack and saddlery, barn and stable equipment, fencing, knot-typing, trailering, trail riding and horsecamping.

  Western Horseman Helpful Hints for Horsemen  $20.00

Have Saddle, Will Travel      $25.95

 Low Impact Trail Riding & Horse Camping.

Author Don West shares his style of camping on horseback with only the use of saddle packs which have allowed him the ability to move his adventures into backcountry overnighters without the requirements of extra pack stock. Stressing light weight, balance and compressibility, West has brought backpacking technology to horse packing gear. 130 page book is loaded with color photos, techniques, tips, illustrations.

  Have Saddle, Will Travel   $25.95

Eastern Oregon Horse Pack Trips....27 Trips in 6 Wilderness Areas     $22.50

Written by Dr. J.R. Groupe this publication is one of the best guides to come out in a long time! John provides tremendous details for trails including not only information (with lots of pictures and maps) on directions to trailheads, amenities at trailheads and in horsecamps, difficulty levels on trails, distances, etc. but a trail rating, Best Season to ride, Time required, Side Attractions, Saw (if you need one along the trail) and Snakes along trail or in area. The six Wilderness Areas are: Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, North Fork John Day Wilderness, Elkhorn Crest Trail, Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness, Strawberry Mountain Wilderness and Eagle Cap Wilderness.

  Eastern Oregon Horse Pack Trips    $22.50

Packing In On Mules and Horses      $25.50

With just about a photo on every page, 150 pages, this soft bound book explains everything from deckers to sawbucks, camp equipment to how to pack a cannon ball. Written b Smoke Elser and Bill Brown.

  Packing In On Mules and Horses    $25.50

Backcountry Horsemen Guide Book      $3.00

44-page pocket size publication printed by the Backcountry Horsemen of America. Includes planning, training, horse care, trail courtesy, grazing, camp sanitation and other topics.

  Backcountry Horsemen Guide Book   $3.00

Nationwide Overnight Stabling Directory
& Equestrian Vacation Guide      $26.95

Alphabetical listings by state with layovers shown in black stars and locations for vacation/layovers shown in red stars within each state map. Each listing includes name, address, phone number, directions, facilities, etc.

  Nationwide Overnight Stabling Directory   $26.95

Techniques and Equipment for Wilderness
Travel with Stock      $10.00

60 page National Forest Service publication. Lots of tips, ideas, how to and pointers for horsecampers and trail riders.

Techniques and Equipment for Wilderness Travel with Stock   $10.00

Trail Riding & Pack Trips in Washington      $22.50

Written by Dick & LaDonna Woodfin this 150 page trailguide includes 35 horse camps, 36 trail maps within its covers. Trail tips, stock first aid and even where there are monting assist trailheads plus a special section on Using a Compass will help any trail rider get started!

  Trail Riding and Pack Trips in Washington   $22.50  

Knots, Hitches and Their Uses   $20.00

Written by John Sharp, this hundred plus page book will help one learn to tie over 100 horsemen's knots! Knots include everything from a Bowlin' to a Snaffle Bit Rein Tie to a Head-to-Tail to the Horse Shoer's Special, plus knots for hay loads and even how to tie rope halters and bridle knots. Completely illustrated with how-to instructions and drawings. Great reference for not only knot tying for everyday use around the barn but for those knots used around a horsecamp, on a pack animal and in emergency situations.


  Knots, Hitches and Their Uses   $20.00

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