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50% SALE.....or whole internet inventory $7,500

Two Horse Enterprises, www.twohorseenterprises.com, dedicated to trail riding and horsecamping is closing it's gate after 25 years with a 50% sale on each item over ten dollars! Or complete Two Horse inventory for $7,500. Two Horse owner Bonnie Davis states, "since my husband's death, trying to operate Two Horse is more than I wanta do. Plus the cost of doing business keeps going up. Credit card fees. Business licenses. Advertising. Mailing. Since I've turn 76 I wanta spend more time with my free lance writing, presenting "Horsecamping" clinics and less time trying to figure out postage rates and business taxes."
All items over ten dollars are on sale at 50% off price including books from how-to, state trail guides, first aid, training and hardware such as tree savers, knot eliminators, syringes, water tank savers, folding canvas water pails and more that can be found on website, www.twohorseenterprises.com. If interested in all Two Horse inventory, sale price is $7,500 for above items plus other items including folding hoof picks, blanket pins, needle and threat sets and more. (Maggie, the cat, is NOT included in sale!) For more information, contact Bonnie Davis, horsecamping@comcast.net or call (925) 523-3241 office, (510) 299-5215.

TWO HORSE ENTERPRISES is dedicated to trail riding and horsecamping!!
We offer publications, maps, state trail guides, hardware, how-to books, just plain 'fun' reading plus items you just can't 'live without'!  Regardless if one is planning that very first trip or is a 'pro',  TWO HORSE can help make the day, weekend, week or longer trail ride or horsecamping adventure easier and safer.
Offering the usual horsecamping hardware such as Tree Savers, Knot Eliminators and Cotton Highline Leadropes, TWO HORSE has the hard-to-find items for trail riding and horsecamping.  Looking for trails and horsecamps?  TWO HORSE offers over 25 individual state trail guides on where trails are located complete with descriptions, maps, trailheads, horsecamps, facilities and more.  In areas where hoses are not allowed into or along rivers, streams or lakes, a Folding Canvas Water Pail is useful for bringing water to the horse.  Simply fold it up, tie to a saddle string till needed and after each use.  Osborne Heavy Duty Needles and Waxed Thread will help repair a torn horse blanket or a pair of jeans!  And when finishing a trail ride or a horsecamping outing, the "Trail Rider's Comment Card" should be filled out and mailed to the agency in charge of that trail or camp so they know a horseman was there.  After all, if we don't tell 'em we use their trails and camps, who will??
Along with state trail guides, TWO HORSE has publications on trail riding, training, care, helpful hints, horsecamping, 'bombproofing' and more.  The publication, "Horse Owner's Field Guide to Toxic Plants", will describe plants to consider when landscaping and replanting around barns and corrals because NOT ALL plants are 'horse safe'.  Knowledge of which-is and which-isn't can be helpful not only around the home barnyard but when out camping.  All publications are written by well known and respected authors, trail ridrs and horsecampers who have ridden the areas, camped at the various locations and understand what trail riders and horsecampers are looking for and interested in.
"Around the Campfire" offers items of interest, things we don't really need but can use or just can't live with out.  They're items that I liked so figured some of you may like 'em too!!  TWO HORSE magnets are different.  The Outhouse reminds me of many 'structures' found in campgrounds and scattered around trailheads.  TWO HORSE signs and sayings will bring a chuckle and I'm sure the feeling of "I relate to that!".  All are great gifts for a friend or yourself or just hang on a wall to chuckle at as you walk by.  And if you see (or have something) you'd like to share or tell us about -- please do. 
TWO HORSE accepts checks, Visa, MasterCard by phone or ordered through the TWO HORSE website (www.twohorseenterprises.com).  Our on-line 'shopping cart' is one of the most secure systems on the internet.  We do not 'store' charge numbers.  Which is why we always ask for a credit card number on each and every order -- regardless of how many times one has ordered from TWO HORSE.  And if you or a friend prefer catalog shopping, call or e-mail (horsecamping@comcast.net) for a free TWO HORSE catalog.  There's an order form on the back cover (or print the order form from website, fill it out and mail).  Not sure what to give for a birthday, holiday or trail award?  TWO HORSE can provide a Gift Certificate in any amount -- we'll even mail it for you along with a copy of catalog and appropriate card with a copy sent to you!
For all your trail riding and horsecamping needs, requests, help or just to talk 'trails and camps', always contact TWO HORSE ENTERPRISES.  If we can't answer your question, we'll find the answer for you because regardless of how long one has been trail riding or horsecamping, there's always something to learn........

Bonnie Davis, Owner


Northwest Horse Fair and Expo: March 24, 25, and 26, 2017
The Northwest Horse Fair and Expo has become an annual tradition for horse owners and horse lovers in the Northwest. The Northwest Horse Fair and Expo combines to the highest degree, first rate education, entertainment and shopping. Whether you own horses or are a horse lover at heart, are a beginner or professions, are interested in dressage or trial riding, there is truly something for everyone. It's three days of fun the entire family can enjoy.
Bonnie Davis, Horsecamping Clinician, will be presenting "Horsecamping - Expanding Your Trail Riding Adventures" daily! Check program for daily times. Looking forward to meeting you at Fair and Expo - Bonnie Davis

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