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Guard Alaska Bear Repellent  $32.50

Bear SprayAlthough I've never personally used bear spray have tested it to see how it works. It's easy, convenient with one hand operation. Designed to provide maximum range (20 feet) from all kinds of bears, other wildlife and 'attackers'. It is environmentally safe. EPA approved. Legal in all 50 states. (Folks who have bought Bear Repellent have not used it on a bear but one gal e-mailed she used it on a dog attacking her horse. Another person used it when leading back to came and a wild boar (pig) charged her and her horse!)    

  Guard Alaska Bear Repellent   $32.50

BOTH Guard Alaska Bear Repellent AND "Learning To Talk Bear"  $55.00             For description of book "Learning to Talk Bear", turn to Book section of Two Horse.

  Bear Repellent AND "Learning To Talk Bear"   $55.00

Stock Tank Secret  $9.50

Put an end to dump-and-scrub of water tanks, tubs, buckets, automatic waterers.  Keep water clean and palatable for up to two months.  To use, tear off label and put bag -- unopened -- in tank.  (Be sure to tie the bag to a rock or horseshoe so it sinks to the bottom of tank.  Nic thought he had a new toy and kept playing with it and taking it out of tank!)  One bag will treat up to 200 gallons.  Developed by a horsewoman and her vet, the barley straw treatment has been used in England for years as a water treatment for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, swine, poultry, fish and even exotic animals and plants.   

“Hi Bonnie: I bought these at (Western States) Expo.  Stock Tank Secret works GREAT!  Ordering three more.  Loved your talk and visit."  Lynn, California

  Stock Tank Secret   $9.50

Horseman's Knife  $7.00

KnifeEver need a knife and can't find one?  This little stainless steel knife is about 3 inches long, 1/4 inch thick and inch wide.  Folds into handle.  Easy to carry, open and use.  Fits comfortably in jean, jacket or shirt pocket so you'll always have a knife for quick emergency (cutting a lead rope when a horse gets hung up), trimming a loose piece of frog from hoof or cutting a loose thread on a blanket or shirt collar.

  Horseman's Knife   $7.00

Bag Balm  $4.95

This little can measures about an inch square and will fit in purse, pocket, in trailer door tray, on tack room shelf or toss in glove compartment of towing vehicle.  When skin gets chapped, rough and red, put a little on!  Contains lanolin for moisturizing and softening.  It's been around since 1899.

  Bag Balm   $4.95

Sure Grip 60cc Syringe  $4.95

Syringe is designed with a 'thumb holder' plus finger grips so one can control amounts of medication or water administered easier.  Get all the medication or water INTO the horse's mouth.  Great for flushing a wound as amount and pressure of fluids flushing wound can be controlled.  For oral dosing, easier to slide into horse's mouth as the 'finger grips' allow one to hold the syringe firmly while 'thumb holder' enables plunger to be both pushed into syringe or backed-off if syringe comes out of mouth.  For horses, dogs, all types and sizes of animals.         

  Sure Grip 60cc Syringe   $4.95

Trail Bell   $5.95

Trail BellA trail bell will help other users know you and your horse are on a trail.  Swiss made, the small bell can be attached to the center cinch, side of a stirrup, breast collar.  It's 'light' tinkle lets other critters, deer, bears, even cattle, know you're on the trail.  Plus other trail users!  (I've used a Trail Bell for years and never had a deer bolt down a trail or leap out of the brush when it suddenly saw me and Nic because the deer heard the bell before seeing us and moved off the trail quietly into the underbrush.)  Attaches with a break-away snap so it can't get hung up on weeds or snags when off-trail riding.  Also put a Trail Bell on your dog when the dog is 'off leash' in parks that allow free running so you'll know where your dog is at all times as he darts and runs in high grasses and brush.

  Trail Bell   $5.95

Reflective Leg Wraps   $25.00/pair

Heavy duty, buckle closure, felt lined, nylon reflective leg wraps.  Use for night riding or even day riding!  (Also good for hikers, backpackers, bike riders.)
  Reflective Leg Wraps   $25.00/pair

Horse Quencher $3.25

Add the individual Apple flavor packet to one gallon of water. If horse is fussy about water taste, add to 1/2 gallon of water. Can be carried in saddle bags for use along trail in Folding Canvas Water Pail or pour into water pail in camp, in stall or barn. Use in water during cold weather to encourage horse to drink. Add to bran mash and mix with water.

  Horse Quencher   $3.25

Bucket Hanger   $5.00


Dozens of uses for a Bucket Hanger! Made of heavy duty nylon rope measuring about 14-18 inches long, Bucket Hangers can be used to hang a bucket on a fence. Hang a bucket of feed from a feed rack so any spillage goes into manger. On a trailer. Tie a gate shut. Use around camp to hang gear on. Put a couple together and retie sacks. Even use for your dog's collar and leash! Heavy duty knot slips through loop. If to long for where you want to hang bucket, simply wrap Bucket Hanger around until desired length. Assorted colors.

  Bucket Hanger   $5.00

Hay Net   $9.00

Knotted poly cord net with hold about 25 pounds of hay. Fill, close, tie to trailer, tree, stall wall. Square hole design prevents horse from tossing hay around and wasting it. Keeps horse feeding and busier longer.

  Hay Net   $9.00

Horse & Pony Height-Weight Tape   $4.00

Ever wonder how much a horse weighs? Or how tall a horse is? Wrap tape around heart girth just behind front legs, snug it up and read weight on tape. Use to compare weight gains with average, compare feed rations and use to calcuate drug dosages by weight. Drop tape end from top of withers to ground to determine height (hands). Tape rolls up and can be carried in shirt or jeans pocket. Handy when buying a horse!

  Horse & Pony Height/Weight Tape   $4.00

Tree Savers       $ 19.50/set

No more tying horses to trees!! Meet the National Forest Service and other agency regulations by using Tree Savers. Made of heavy 2 inch seat belt webbing, 6 feet 2 inches long, 2 inch heavy dees on each end. Simply place around tree, tie highline rope into dees. Set of two tree savers (highline rope not included)
  Tree Savers  $19.50/set

Knot Eliminator      $ 10.00

Use on a highline rope to tie highline lead or halter lead rope through. Loop highline rope around, tighten and Knot Eliminator becomes an instant loop. No more knots in highline rope. No more trying to tie a "hard and fast" know around the highline rope to keep horse in one place. Can even be used for cargo loads. Metal. "How To" instructions included.
  Knot Eliminator  $10.00

Cotton Highline Leadrope      $ 10.00

5/8 x 10 feet finished length. Heavy duty snap braided back in. Long enough to tie to overhead highline and still have enough rope left for horse to ground feed and lie down comfortably. No more having to retie halter rope to highline every time horse is removed. Simply tie and leave using halter rope to lead horse off.

  Cotton Highline Leadrope   $10.00

Folding Canvas Water Pail      $ 20.00

Because of clean water restrictions, many federal lands no longer allow watering a horse in streams, rivers or lakes. This heavy duty, lightweight, large mounted canvas water pail can be "crushed" down to about an inch thick, tied to saddle strings, or slipped in saddle bags. To use, open it up, fill and carry water to horse. Opens wide enough so it's easy for horse to drink directly from.

  Canvas Water Pail   $20.00

Bickmore Gall Salve    5 oz. $ 9.95,  14 oz. $ 20.00

If I had only one item in my horse's first aid kit -- I'd pick Bickmore Gall Salve. We've used it on stings, scraps, cuts, rope burns. Protects as it heals so horse can still be used. (Remember, always use common sense with any injury or illness when applying any product or care. And if in doubt, contact a vet).

  Bickmore Gall Salve, 5 oz.   $9.95
  Bickmore Gall Salve, 14 oz.   $20.00

Osborne Heavy Duty Needles      $ 5.00

    Five needles for barn, home, on the road, in camp, or trail emergency repairs. Stitch a torn horse blanket, repair a saddle pad. Straight and curved needles with "eyes" big enough for heavy duty twine.
  Osborne Heavy Duty Needles   $5.00

Waxed Thread      $ 5.00

    30 yard spool of waxed thread for use with Osborne Heavy Duty Needles. Helps to make stitch repairs water proof.
  Waxed Thread   $5.00

BOTH 1 each of Osborne Heavy Duty Needles &
Waxed Thread      $ 9.00


  BOTH 1 each Osborne Heavy Duty Needles &
  Waxed Thread   $9.00

Pocket Size Folding Hoof Pick      $ 3.00

        Carry in shirt or jeans pocket, drop into saddle bags, tie on saddle string. The "pick" part folds back into handle so there's no danger of tearing clothing or punching "hole" in horse or rider! Open to use. Metal.
  Pocket Size Folding Hoof Pick   $3.00

Blanket Pin      $ 1.00

Just like a giant safety pin! Nickel plated, 4 inches long. Use to pin entry number to clothing or saddle pad, a quick fix for a torn blanket and other uses around the camp site.

  Blanket Pin   $1.00

Polarshield Emergency Blanket      $ 3.50

Forget a jacket or windbreaker? Wrap up in an emergency blanket. Lightweight with reflective mylar insulation. Opens to 53" x 78". Drop one or two in saddle bags. Can even be used as an emergency horse blanket.

  Polarshield Emergency Blanket   $3.50

"Trail Rider's Comment Card"   

After a trail ride or horsecamping adventure, let the agency in charge know your comments -- good or bad. Fill out and mail a "Trail Rider's Comment Card". Fill in the blanks, turn over, address, stamp and mail. For club rides, group campouts and individual riders. Keep in trailer, towing vehicle, saddle bags so they're always handy. Sold in packages: (12 cards, $6.00) (25 cards, $10.00) (50 cards, $17.00) (100 cards, $30.00)

  Trail Rider's Comment Card   12 / $6.00
  Trail Rider's Comment Card   25 / $10.00
  Trail Rider's Comment Card   50 / $17.00
  Trail Rider's Comment Card   100 / $30.00

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