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Trails of Santa Cruz (California)  $10.00

Wilder Ranch (has a horsecamp), Henry Cowell Redwoods, Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, Fall Creek State Park, Santa Cruz and beach area trails are shown with icons for multi-use fire roads, multi-use trails, major trails, etc. plus distances in miles and more.

  Trails of Santa Cruz (California)  $10.00

Pony Express National Historic Trail  $3.00

  Pony Express National Historic Trail  $3.00

Camping and Picnicking in The National Forests of Utah  $4.00

  Camping and Picnicking in The National Forests of Utah  $4.00

Florida National Scenic Trail  $2.00

  Florida National Scenic Trail  $2.00

Trail Riding in Iowa  $3.00

76 state and county areas for riding plus 45 areas for camping in this map.

  Trail Riding in Iowa  $3.00

National Park System Map & Guide  $2.00

As of January 1, 2006 there are 388 parks administered by the NPS. All are shown in this Guide on a United States map. Turn it over and each Park's name, address, phone number and website is listed.

  National Park System Map & Guide  $2.00

America's National Grasslands  $3.00

National Grasslands are lands managed for multiple uses as part of the National Forest System. They are the most 'overlooked' and 'ignored' public lands when it comes to seeking equestrian trails!! Yet they offer thousands and thousands of acres for riding and camping. The Little Missouri NG in North Dakota has 1,028,051 acres to ride and is home to the 100-mile Maah Daah Hey multiple-use trail. (Book on trail in Two Horse book section.) States with NGs are California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming. This brochure shows locations of the Grasslands by state plus name, address and phone number for each National Grasslands.

  America's National Grasslands  $3.00

National Wildlife Refuge System Visitor's Guide  $5.00

Guide and Map lists all National Wildlife Refuges in the United States that offer recreational opportunities. Many are open to trail ride and camping at specific times of the year. Each state is listed with Refuges in that state containing name, address and recreation availability.

  National Wildlife Refuge System Visitor's Guide  $5.00

Juan Bautista de Anza Historic Trail Map & Guide  $2.00

Showing the route from Arizona to the San Francisco Bay Area in California, places to explore on horseback are listed plus historic sites along the Trail.

  Juan Bautista de Anza Historic Trail Map & Guide  $2.00

Colorado State Parks Guide  $5.00

All Colorado State Parks are listed in this Guide with over 20 having equine access. Parks are listed alphabetically followed by a brief description, pictures and symbols to show what types of recreation is allowed in each park plus what facilities can be found -- dump station, water, picnic areas, horsecamps, etc. Each park's name, address and phone number. Included is a copy of 'Equestrian Trails' in each Guide.

  Colorado State Parks Guide  $5.00

A Guide to Your National Forest & Grasslands  $3.50

This Guide shows all National Forests and Grasslands throughout the nation color keyed for easy reference. On the back are Region addresses include states in that Region and then forests or grasslands located in that specific Region. Phone, fax and addresses for each included.

  A Guide to Your National Forest & Grasslands  $3.50

National Trails System Map & Guide  $2.00

All National Scenic and Historic Trail routes are shown on this map on one side. On the other, contact information for each. (Important -- remember, NOT all of these trails are 'on the ground'. Many are still in the planning and drawing stages so always contact the agency to find out where trails are available to be ridden.)

  National Trails System Map & Guide  $2.00

Sequoia & Kings Canyon Map & Guide  $2.00

This map shows trails in the Parks plus description of what's to be found. Reference phone numbers and addresses are listed so to be sure to contact them for a current copy of their "Grazing Locations" along with Wilderness Permit and Stock Information.

  Sequoia & Kings Canyon Map & Guide  $2.00

California National Historic Trail   $2.00

From Missouri to California this trail was the 'freeway' for western expansion. Although not on the ground in all states, this is an interesting map to see where it was and to find out where sections are available to be ridden.

  California National Historic Trail    $2.00

Whiskeytown  $2.00

Located in Northern California, Whiskeytown offers horsecamping and trails in this National Park System Unit. Map shows location of horsecamp and trails plus provides address, contact phone number and website address.

  Whiskeytown   $2.00

Redwood National & State Parks   $2.00

North of San Francisco, California these Parks stretch almost to the Oregon border along Highway 1. Horses are allowed on numerous trails and 3 horsecamps are available. Contact phone numbers and addresses included along with map of Parks.

  Redwood National & State Parks     $2.00

Nebraska Recreational Trails  $3.00

Lewis and Clark, Oregon, Mormon, Pony Express, California, Oxbow and other trails all cross Nebraska. This map shows locations and what agency to contact for more information on equestrian uses.

  Nebraska Recreational Trails    $3.00

Alaska Map  $20.00

Alaska is known as the 'last frontier'. Many trails are open to horse use and with a large and active horse industry and Horse Council, Alaska IS a state to explore on horseback. This map is topographic with a an all new and detailed index. (Measures 56 x 28 inches)

  Alaska Map    $20.00

Sierra Nevada Map  $20.00

This map covers California-Nevada and shows rivers, lakes, trails, roads, wilderness areas, National Forests, National Parks, National Trails, campgrounds, towns and more from Mt. Lassen south to the Tehachapi Pass plus Highway 99 corridor from Chico to Bakersfield. Measures 30 x 50 inches.

  Sierra Nevada Map    $20.00

Central San Francisco Peninsula Trails  $10.00

Guide to Federal, State Parks, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District lands, county parks, city parks and other lands that offer horse trails in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz and San Francisco, California counties. Each entry includes name, address, phone number and short description of what's available -- trail length, overnight use, trail head, etc.

  Central San Francisco Peninsula Trails Map    $10.00

Shimek State Forest (Iowa)  $2.00

Shows horsecamping locations and trails.

  Shimek State Forest (Iowa) Map    $2.00

Lake Oroville (California)  $2.00

  Lake Oroville (California) Map    $2.00

Nevada Public Lands - Recreational Opportunities  $7.50

One side shows locations of National Park Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Nevada Division of State Parks, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service and Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit public land units in state. Turn map over and find 'horseback riding' listings for all agencies along with contact phone numbers.

  Nevada Public Lands    $7.50

Recreational Trails of San Juan Capistrano  $2.00

Shows locations of equestrian trails and stables in San Juan Capistrano.

  Recreational Trails of San Juan Capistrano    $2.00

Tennessee Equine Trail Guide  $5.00

This little brochure-guide shows locations of private stables, bed and breakfast and outfitters plus National Parks and Forests, US Army Corps of Engineers, Tennessee State Parks, Forests and City Park lands and trails that allow horses. Each listing includes name, address, phone number, trail information.

  Tennessee Equine Trail Guide    $5.00

Trail Maps of the Santa Cruz Mountains    $10.00/each, $18.00/set

Map 1 -- Entire network of trails connecting Castle Rock, Big Basin Redwoods, Portola Redwoods State Parks. Featuring Skyline-to-the Sea Trail.

Map 2 -- Big Basin Redwoods State Prk including Rancho del Oso Horse Camp, Butano Redwoods State Park, Ano Nuevo State Reserve and all internal and connecting trails. Featuring the Skyline-to-the Sea Trail.

  Trail Maps of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Map 1    $10.00
  Trail Maps of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Map 2    $10.00
  Trail Maps of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Map 1 & 2     $18.00/set

National Forest Service Maps       $ 12.00 each

These are the newest forest service maps available. Reminder: Two Horse can provide ANY National Forest Service map for ANY of the 50 states. Just send us the name of the National Forest; we'll send the map. (Any NFS map is only $12.00). If not sure of the National forests in a specific state, the map "Outdoor America" will be helpful. Any questions, call us or send email.

Six National Forests with two having more than one map can be found in Arizona

Arizona - National Forest Service Maps  $12.00   Select map:    

California --
There are 18 National Forests in California -- the largest number of national forests in any one state in the Nation -- plus one Management Unit and a National Grasslands! Thousands of miles of trails and horsecamp sites from northern to southern California! ('*' denotes forests with Pacific Crest Trail.)

California - National Forest Servivce Maps  $12.00     Select map:    

Has only two National Forests -- Humboldt and Toiyabe -- but they are scattered over the entire state. Seven different maps by Ranger Districts are required.

Nevada - National Forest Servivce Maps  $12.00    Select map:    

Oregon --
Thirteen National Forests and a National Grasslands can be found within the state. ('*' denotes forests with Pacific Crest Trail.)

Oregon - National Forest Servivce Maps  $12.00  Select map:    

Washington --
Farther north, the seven National forests of Washington require additional planning for trail rides and horsecamping adventures because of later snow melts. ('*' denotes forests with Pacific Crest Trail.)

Washington - National Forest Servivce Maps  $12.00     Select map: 

Trails of Northeast Marin County, California   $10.00

First complete trail map of parks and preserves around San Rafael and Novado. 117 miles of trails on 13,000 acres. Includes two Historic State Parks (Olompali and China Camp), 17 County Open Space Preserves, four County Parks, Mt. Tamalpais Watershed's Sky Oaks, Bay Trail and Bay Area Ridge Trail.

  Trails of Northeast Marin County  $10.00   

Trails of the Coastside & Northern Peninsula, California   $10.00

San Bruno Mountain, Milagra and Sweeney Ridge, Montara Mountain, beaches from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay. 75 miles of trails on 11,000 acres.

  Trails of the Coastside & Northern Peninsula  $10.00   

Yosemite National Park Official Map & Guide       $2.00

Includes updated January 2000 Stock Information Bulletin on where to go, services and campgrounds with stock sites such as Wawona, Bridalveil Creek, etc. Also enclosed is Recommended Stock Camps in the Yosemite Wilderness.

  Yosemite National Park Official  Map & Guide  $2.00   

Pacific Crest Trail National Scenic Trail NFS Maps       $ 10.00 each

As old as the hills, these out of print PCT maps provide a wealth of information through Washington and Oregon for anyone planning to ride (or hike) the 2,500 mile long trail. Each map contains: trail route; topographical readings; essential services (trailheads with stock facilities, grazing areas, potable water, etc.) with a number matrix corresponding to locations; a letter matrix corresponding to map locations which describe specific areas and terrain; private and other public land addresses that the Trail passes through plus other vital information. (There are no NFS maps for California section of PCT. Refer to California Forest Service maps designated with an '*' for PCT, above).

Washington Northern Portion PCT (Canadian border south to Snowshoe Butte in central Washington)
Washington Southern Portion PCT (Showshoe Butte south to Washington-Oregon border)
Oregon Northern Portion PCT (Washington-Oregon border south to about Bachelor Butte, Sisters)
Oregon Central Portion PCT (Bachelor Butte, Sisters south to Devils Peak, Mt. McLaughlin)
Oregon Southern Portion PCT (Devils Peak south into northern portion of Klamath National Forest, California
Pacific Crest Trail National Scenic Trail NFS Maps  $10.00 each     Select map:    

Bureau of Land Management Recreation Guide       $ 5.00 each

Guide/Map shows all BLM lands within a particular state. Valuable resource for locating district offices and BLM areas for trail riding and horsecamping.

  BLM Recreation Guide   $5.00    Select map: 

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (California)      $ 2.00

The Santa Monica Mountains rising above Los Angeles, California have a diverse landscape with dense chaparral, fragrant sage, grassy hillsides to rugged coastline for trail riding and horsecamping!

  Santa Monica Mountains Nat. Recreation Area  $2.00

Lava Beds National Monument (California)      $ 2.00

Located in Northern California, this volcanic land was the site of the Modoc Indian wars with the US Army. In the lava beds Captain Jack with 52 warriors held off a 20 times larger army for almost five months. This harsh environment offers a special challenge to experienced trail riders for early spring and late fall rides and horsecamping (Inserts with trail routes and stock regulations).

  Lava Beds National Monument   $2.00

Lassen Volcanic National Park Map (California)      $ 2.00

Along with numerous trails, the Pacific Crest Trail passes through the middle of the Park. A small corral near the Park's northern boundary is for PCT users only. But, there are two other Lassen horsecamps open to horsemen -- Juniper and Summit Lakes. Trailer access to both. Corrals available by reservation.

  Lassen Volcanic National Park Map   $2.00

Mount Tamalpais State Park Map (California)       $ 10.00

Includes Mt. Tamalpais State Park, Muir Woods National Monument, parts of Marin Municipal Water District and Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

  Mt. Tamalpais State Park Map (California)  $10.00

Mount Diablo State Park Map (California)      $ 10.00

Includes all current trails, staging areas, trail heads in Mount Diablo State Park and adjacent public lands.

  Mt. Diablo State Park Map (California)  $10.00

Trail Map of the Southern Peninsula     $ 9.00

Equestrian, hiking, biking map for San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties in the San Francisco Bay Area. Features parklands in the hills above Portola Valley, Palo Alto, Los Altos Hills, Cupertino, Saratoga, Mountain View.

  Trail Map of the Southern Peninsula   $9.00

California State Parks Official Guide and Map    $ 10.00

California State Park System has nearly 300 parks. On one side map shows locations of parks throughout California. turn map over for facilities/activities per Park. Horseshoe designates horse trails.

  California State Parks Official Guide & Map   $10.00

Bizz Johnson Rail Trail Map      $ 3.50

This northern California rail-to-trail winds 25.4 miles from the Susanville Railroad Depot to the Mason Station trailhead north of Westwood. Easy trail. Lots of water. but make sure your horse isn't afraid of the dark -- there are two railroad tunnels to ride THROUGH.

  Bizz Johnson Rail Trail Map   $3.50

Florida's State Forests Map      $ 2.00

Map includes locators, forest names, telephone and mailing addresses.

  Florida's State Forests Map   $2.00

Nebraska Recreational Trail Map    $3.00

Includes trail names, contact phone numbers and surface conditions.

  Nebraska Recreational Trail Map   $3.00

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