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The following videos/DVDs are limited in availability. Quantities for each title are shown after title. Price for each in that title is shown at end.

Keeping It Green (5 DVD copies)     $ 10.00

Pasture and environmental management. Types of grass, rotation grazing, how to figure how much seed to plant per acre, types and more.

  Keeping It Green   $10.00

The Little Things That Count (1 copy)     $ 20.00

Part 2 -- Effective Riding Habits. Practical Horsemanship with Beverly Howe. Good behaving, responsive horses are a result of people with good habits, attentive to their horses' actions and who take the responsibility of 'being in charge' at all times. This 90 minute color video will demonstrate and explain these techniques in simple, useful, practical horseowner's terms. Acceptable equine behavior and how to maintain it in your horse includes: Mounting; Riding with confidence and balance; Knowing what makes a horse handle well; Neck-reining and collection; Proper and effective use of leg aids and spurs; Simple safety tips; basic trail sense and Safety.

  The Little Things That Count, Part 2   $20.00

So...You Want To Buy A Mule (4 copies)    $ 10.00

Mule Training with Steve Edwards.
In this video, mule trainer Steve Edwards shares his recommendations on how to choose the right mule. Video includes: Questions to ask the seller; Differences between horses and mules; How to lead and halter properly; How to choose the correct mule saddle and more!


  So...You Want To Buy A Mule   $10.00

Reining In The Pines (2 copies)     $ 10.00

Mule Training with Steve Edwards.
Video will instruct you in Steve Edwards' step by step approach to practical methods of training your mule for trail riding. Using natural terrain Steve will explain: Reining; Bitting; Ground work; Backup; Sidepass; Trail riding instruction; Round pen; Surcingle work; Bit progression plus a special segment on trailer loading.


  Reining In The Pines   $10.00

Hit The Trails  (1 copy)     $ 10.00

Moving English and Dressage horses out of the arena and onto the trails, Judge and Trainer Sarah Johnson and Debby Buck DeJonge, columnist and Fun Freestyle Aficinado, demonstrate the tack and techniques for cross training and trail blazing.  Emphasis is on safety for both riders and horses and include jumping, road crossing, how to get a horse to stand by a mounting block plus a special section on teaching youngsters how to start out on their first trail ride.

  Hit The Trails   $10.00

Horse Sense Video (1 copy)      $ 10.00

 60-minute color video guide to minimum impact horse packing, camping and trail riding. Pre-trip stock conditioning, determining feeds and feeding rations, how to eliminate noxious weeds from feed, selecting a camp site, setting up camp, trail conditions, trailhead activities and dozens of other tips. Every aspect of a trip is covered. Regardless if just starting out or a seasoned pro, learn from experienced backcountry horsemen the best techniques to make every trip a success! 

  Horse Sense Video   $10.00

Good Horse Keeping (3 copies)      $ 15.00

 "Managing Manure to Protect the Environment" is a 15 minute color video produced by the King's Mark Resource Conservation and Development District in Connecticut. It demonstrates how to manage and dispose of horse manure through field spreading, composting, redesign, management of pastures, etc. Included is the "Horse Owner's Guide to Water Quality Protection" published by the Council of Bay Area (California) Resource Conservation Districts.

  Good Horse Keeping   $15.00

BOTH Good Horse Keeping Video & "Horse Keeping: A Guide to Land Management for Clean Water" Binder       $ 45.00

BOTH Good Horse Keeping video & Horse Keeping: A Guide to Land Management for Clean Water binder  $45.00

Handtools for Trail Work Video (7 sets)      $ 10.00/set

Two part video set produced by the national Forest Service. Part 1 (26 minutes) concentrates on crosscut sawing, brushing, grubbing, digging, tamping tools. Part 2 (25 minutes) demonstrates how to select use, sharpen, rehandle axes, large and small hammers, rockbar uses and more. Color.

  Handtools for Trail Work Video   $10.00/set

Basic Trail Maintenance Video (1 copy)      $ 10.00

How to 27 minute video dealing with trimming, brushing, grubbing over and along multi-use trials plus how to maintain and repair minor trail problems. Produced by the National Forest Service.

  Basic Trail Maintenance Video   $10.00

Constructing Trail Switchbacks  (2 copies)     $ 10.00

 Switchbacks are expensive and take a lot of work. In this newest 28 minute color National Forest Service video, planning, designing, lay out, angles, construction and maintaining switchbacks on steep trails crossing hillsides is explained and demonstrated.





  Constructing Trail Switchbacks   $10.00

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