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Barefoot 'n' Healthy in Brentwood, California, specializes in natural equine boarding. We want to get the word out that Barefoot is better and horses need movement, herd life and 24/7 food to be truly healthy and happy. We have special interest in lameness recovery including Laminitis, Founder and Navicular. Barefoot 'n Healthy is also a great place for yearlings and retired horses alike.
  • 340 acre pasture
  • Free Feed (pasture grass, forage hay, occasional alfalfa, etc)
  • 24/7 Food/herd life
  • Round pen and large arena
  • Tack room, 5 horse wash rack, trailer parking
  • Private facility with zero tolerance for "barn drama"
  • Indoor bathroom facilities
  • Specializing in Lameness recovery (Founder, Laminitis, Navicular)
  • Shod horses also accepted

Horses have continuous food by 340 acre pasture as well as a never ending supply of Oat, Wheat, Grass hay and occasional Alfalfa in feeders.

From the gates of Barefoot 'n' Healthy there are hundreds of miles of trails for you to ride. The property backs up to Los Vaqueros; from Los Vaqueros you can ride to Round Valley, Morgan Territory, Mt Diablo and even Briones... Close by is Black Diamond and Del Valle for those who like to trailer out. Round pen and large arena on property. Tack room and trailer parking available.


   Visitors are always welcome; please contact Launa Stach for an appointment, 925-634-4668.


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