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A seasoned FEI competitor and trainer, Kelly works with horses and riders who actively compete at all levels. In 2008, Kelly was the Brentina Cup Reserve Champion at the Olympic Selection Trials in San Juan Capistrano, CA.  In addition, Kelly had numerous wins at Grand Prix on the mount Lucifer. Kelly currently shows at Grand Prix and is eager to help horse and rider partners obtain their goals. Kelly has trained numerous champion horse and rider pairs, including adult amateurs and juniors/young riders.   A USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist. Kelly is ready to bring your young horse through the levels, campaign your FEI horse, and teach ambitious individuals dressage. Please visit or call 925-980-4083. 

Gina Duran - Topline Training

Greenville Equestrian Center is proud to feature Gina Duran. Gina's Topline Training, Inc riding program accommodates riders and horses at all levels of knowledge and competition.  She offers private lessons to competing dressage riders, and those seeking to improve their horses and their riding through a greater understanding of dressage techniques. A USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist. Gina is a certified instructor with USDF with over twenty years experience. Please visit or call Gina at 925-858-3933.


Diane Kernodle - musical freestyles

Diane Kernodle has created original, standout, winning freestyles for clients riding First Level thru FEI. Her freestyles have qualified for both state and national awards with FEI scores averaging in the 70 percents! She also provided the crowd-pleasing music for Elizabeth Hendrix's appearances at Dressage in the Wine Country in both 2003 and 2004. "I get excited about each and every freestyle. I love what I do!"


Rachel Saavedra

Rachel Saavedra is a high performance Grand Prix competitor, trainer, and instructor. She is a USDF Senior Faculty Member for the Instructor/Trainer Certification Program, and has been giving USDF workshops around the US for over 15 years. She has mentored many of the Bay Area's top dressage trainers as well as successful amateurs from training level to Grand Prix. She has taught the CDS Amateur Clinic series multiple times, and offers clinics as her schedule allows. She is often thought of as a professional's trainer, but she has always worked with eager amateurs. She is a thinking rider's instructor who builds long term relationships with her students and horses in training. At home at Greenville Equestrian Center, Rachel teaches FEI competitors as well as riders who just want to ride athletically and harmoniously for their own and their horses' pleasure. She always welcomes riders to come watch lessons and to join her community of enthusiastic riders at Greenville. Rachel also has an opening for a new horse in long term training. She works closely with owners and horses to develop the horse's full potential and to ensure full engagement and pleasure in the process for all involved. She looks forward to partnering with a new horse and owner with high performance dressage aspirations. It is a beautiful ride!  925-577-7998,


GEC would like to congratulate Kate Hartmann on her retirement!


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