Sized and cut like our chinks, a pair of our custom made Tully Hole armitas offer the same protection as a pair of chinks, but with less weight. A fringed apron in front connects the two sides. Side fringe is cut the same as on a pair of our chinks. Normally there are two straps around each leg, each of which is secured with a leather button. The slit that the button passes through is reinforced with a glued & stitched rosette. Our armitas are normally secured around the waist with a border stamped and fully slicked & lined belt, although they may also be secured with a pair of latigo strings in true buckaroo fashion.

Meaning "body armor" in Spanish, a pair of custom built Tully Hole armitas will give you years of dependable and comfortable service in the saddle as well as plenty of protection from brush and the elements in general. Lighter in weight than a pair of chinks, a pair of armitas is a nice alternative that still gives the wearer the protection that they need. Forthese reasons the are still popular with the buckaroos of the Great Basin country.

Like our chinks, Tully Hole armitas are custom built to your specifications. Normally 5/6 Oz. oiltan chap leather is used. They are available with either a belt or with a pair of latigo strings, per your preference. Priced at $195.


Please contact us for more information on available options, patterns, leathers, and for instructions on how to order.
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