Custom Cases and Sheaths

I have a customer over on the coast who asked me to make up a custom sheath to carry a Blackberry in. I didn't know that people actually rode with their Blackberries, but apparently they do. And why not? I decided to make it a standard offering. These are really slick cases that, when in their standard size, can carry a Blackberry, many of the new cell phones, a pack of smokes, a fistful of .30-06 rounds, whatever you may feel like packing around. There are no shortcuts here, I make them from high quality 8/9 Oz. leather, give them a nice deep tooling and sick the edges down nicely. Everything is done to the highest of standards. What you can't see is the leather strap that is stitched in place on the back side. This is a real strap that won't come off. You can carry these on your belt, slide them onto your rope strap or a saddle string, or as some folks do, just leave them on your truck seat. Need it in a slightly different size? Just ask! This is a full custom shop, and I specialize in custom orders.

Last summer while down on the Tejon I had a customer come by who was up from Santa Barbara. I had a really nice little Boker folder with a beautiful stag handle that he purchased, and he asked me if I could make him a "really nice" custom sheath for it. So I did and he was very pleased. I have since decided to add some leather sheaths as standard offerings. These sheaths are also made from nice 8/9 Oz. leather (not any cheap stuff), are tooled deeply, and are finished off very nicely. I normally put a nice little concho on top of the snap to dress it up, but you can go with a plain snap too if you desire. For that matter, if you want it basket stamped instead of floral carved, that's fine too. Want you initials inlaid in it? I can do that too. As you can see, there are two standard sizes, a small and a medium. And, like the Blackberry cases above, there is a heavy duty leather strap stitched on the back side that will never come off.

These sheaths work great, and as you can see are handy for carrying eye glasses around in as well. Why don't you get one for that Buck 110 you've been packing around for the last twenty years? Better yet, order one for that nice guide who is going to be taking you on that Colorado elk hunt! Have something you need a sheath for but it is larger than this? Don't see what you are looking for? Just ask, as I run a full custom shop and can fix you up with what you need.

Please contact us for more information on available options, patterns, leathers, and for instructions on how to order.
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