The Ultimate Rope Halter

I call this the "Ultimate Rope Halter" because it is! Not only is it made from high quality rope, it is fully adjustable so that you can get a good fit, is very comfortable for your horse as there are no pressure points, and perhaps best of all it has a really slick metal fitting which makes putting it on and taking it off a snap. No more knots to tie, just bring the end through the metal fitting, and hook it. Once you get used to this you will never go back to the halters that you have to tie. This is especially nice when you have several horses to halter or un-halter at a time. One you get the hang of it you can do this single handed, which is nice when you have your hands full. Did I mention the lead? It is made of high quality marine grade rope, and is a generous 11' long with a braided end.

These are extremely high quality halters and leads that you will get years of use out of. As halters and leads are sort of like knives, in that you can't have too many around, I keep one in each truck as well as the trailer and a few out by my horses. As you can see, Tony seems to like his. They are also very strong. Your ornery mule won't be able to break any of these halters. For that matter, your ornery muleskinner won't be able to either! These are available in a variety of colors, call for availability.


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