Custom Stock Saddles

Tully Hole custom stock saddles are just that, custom built to your specifications and measurements. All materials are of the highest quality for I only use Herman Oak skirting leather, Watt hardware, the richest latigo leather, extremely well built trees and nice full sized sheepskins.

There are no short cuts taken in the construction of these saddles, which is something that I am very proud of. I put a nice deep close-contact ground seat on each of my saddles. In short, I build each saddle as if I were building it for myself. Time is really not a factor. It is done when it is done.

While I favor slickforks, you can order any style tree that you wish. Building a saddle is, after all, all about fitting the saddle to the tree. Plain, roughout, border stamped, full basket stamped, half-breed and full flower carved are all options. Straight-up cantle or Cheyenne roll, modern style fenders or Taylor style fenders, it is up to you. As is the style rigging you choose, stirrups, horn, etc.

In this section you will see some pictures that are representative of the stock saddles that I build. Both of these particular saddles pictured are fully basket stamped, are on Homestead Wade trees, have 16Ħħ seats, and come with 7/8 full double rigging. These seats are very comfortable as they are intended for you to be able to spend the whole day in them horseback and remain comfortable. More importantly they are intended to fit your horse's back very nicely.


Please contact us for more information on available options, patterns, leathers, and for instructions on how to order.
Tully Hole Saddlery 831-524-5278 P.O. Box 301 Tres Pinos, CA 95075

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