Shotgun Chaps
Tully Hole custom shotguns are made from the finest materials and workmanship just like our other styles of chaps. They normally feature a full length scalloped back edge, 3" fringe, and an extra wide bottom cuff on each side. Heavy duty brass zippers make getting in and out a piece of cake. Very comfortable in the saddle, a pair of our shotgun style chaps offer your legs complete protection, a definite plus whether riding through brushy country, or just in bad weather. Base price is $295.
A pair of custom shotgun chaps with a Portola style yoke, basket stamp with star, pocket with stamped flap, and a mecate strap.

Please contact us for more information on available options, patterns, leathers, and for instructions on how to order.
Tully Hole Saddlery 831-524-5278 P.O. Box 301 Tres Pinos, CA 95075


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